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Powder Coating Guide

Learn how a new powder coating system can increase quality and

efficiency while helping to reduce costs and environmental concerns.

Industries Using Powder Coating


Automotive Industry


The automotive industry continues to use powder coating on an increasing number of automotive parts and products. Powder coating is used on oil and fuel filters, shock absorbers, battery trays, brake pads, engine block casings, suspension components, and radiators. Powder coating is also applied to wheels, grills, bumpers, door handles, roof racks, trailer hitches, and exterior and interior trim.


Clear powder topcoats and anti-chip coatings are now being applied to a number of automobiles and sport utility vehicles. These clear coats resist acid rain, the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and weather and road damage, helping cars retain their showroom look much longer and improving their resale value.


Powder coating has made substantial inroads as a primer for car, van and pickup truck bodies in the United States, including auto body primers in colors.


With high-heat resistant powder coatings, the automobile aftermarket has started powder coating car mufflers to resist corrosion, protect against nicks, and prolong the life of the muffler. Pick-up truck and SUV owners can purchase powder coated side steps, bed rails, luggage racks, and toolboxes as dealership add-ons or in aftermarket stores and catalogs.


Powder coating plastic surfaces represents a major potential growth area. Powder manufacturers are working with the automotive industry to develop powders and applications to perfect powder coating on items such as wheel covers, rear-view mirrors, door handles, air conditioning vents, and interior clothes-hanger hooks.


Appliance Industry


The appliance industry uses powder coatings on refrigerators, washer tops and lids, dryer drums, air-conditioner cabinets, water heaters, range housings, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, microwave oven cavities, and freezer cabinets. In some applications, pre-coated blank stock is coated and then post-formed in the desired shape. Even, thin films with high levels of resistance to chips, impact, detergents, and chemicals are critical to the appliance industry.


Architectural & Construction Industry


The architectural and building industries powder coats aluminum extrusions used on windows, doorframes, building facades, kitchen, bathroom and electrical fixtures, and modular furniture. Many highway projects use powder coating on light poles, guard rails, posts, road signs, and fencing.


Lawn & Garden Industry


In addition to most metal patio furniture, powder coating is used on numerous outdoor home products such as lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, snowblowers, snow shovels, barbecue grills, propane tanks, and garden tools.


General Consumer Goods Industry


Everyday uses for powder coated products include lighting fixtures, antennas, and electrical components. Schools have bleachers, soccer goals, basketball backstops, lockers, and cafeteria tables that are powder coated. Farmers have powder coated tractors and agricultural equipment. Sports enthusiasts use powder coated bicycles, camping equipment, golf clubs, and golf carts, ski poles, and exercise equipment. Office workers use powder coated file drawers, computer cabinets, laptop computers, and cell phones. Parents have powder coated baby strollers, cribs, playpens, car seats, toys, and wagons. Homeowners have electronic components, gutters and downspouts, bathroom scales, mailboxes, satellite dishes, toolboxes, and fire extinguishers that benefit from a powder-coated finish.


Military & Defense Industry


The military is a growing industry for powder coatings. The Naval Air Force rehabilitation and repair facilities have used powder for recoating on parts for ships for many years now, including water-tight doors, ammo lockers, railing, bunks, and lockers. Some military ordinance is powder coated and Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) powders are used on military vehicles. With increasing interest in limiting VOC, military hardware will be a growing market for years to come.

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